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Just as the name suggests, Bondassage® is a modern fusion of both bondage and massage practices in all their varied forms. The practice blends kink and different forms of bodywork to provide an all-encompassing, multi-sensory and oh-so-tantalising experience to whomever wishes to experience it.

Bondassage offers not only solo sessions with its practitioners worldwide, but also workshops for couples as well as a training course for those who wish to embark on the journey to become a practitioner themselves.

In this article we have interviewed Jaeleen Bennis - Bondassage's CEO with an extensive background in cross-cultural healing modalities, tantra and BDSM - to find out all about the multi-sensory practice, who can participate in it and what we can gain from experiencing a session with one of its practitioners.

What exactly is Bondassage®?                         Bondassage® is a type of sensual bondage massage. We incorporate light bondage, sensory deprivation, full body sensual massage, body percussion and sensation play into an unforgettable erotic journey.

Who can do Bondassage? Everyone can do a form of Bondassage! Sexuality professionals will benefit from our Practitioner Certification to expand their “tool kit” and reach new clients, while everyone else can learn tips and techniques from either the book or the online course to spice up their intimate play. It’s sexy and fun - and a great way for people who are new to kink to play with Dominance and submission and learn more about touch, sensation, and impact play.

Why do you think someone might seek out to experience Bondassage? What can they gain/how can they benefit from Bondassage?

Seeking out Bondassage represents an effort to reach beyond the normal sensual/sexual experience. Bondassage requires that the recipient relinquish control, both physically and mentally, and thus be submissive to the practitioner/giver.  The sensory deprivation provides the opportunity to get into a different headspace where the pleasure center of the brain takes over. Bondassage allows the recipient to FEEL pleasure in the body AND the mind.

Why do you think exploring the sensual side of kink so important?

We are all touch-deprived. Kinesthetic intelligence ~ the ability to be present through touch ~ varies from person to person. It’s like IQ in the sense that some people have more and some have less. Unlike IQ, though, touch is an ability that can be cultivated. With practice, anyone can learn to touch skillfully. Sensual massage is all about being present in the moment with both your awareness and your touch. It’s about how deeply and consciously you can go into the art of giving your partner pleasure. And Bondassage is a great way to learn to do it and receive it.

Are other types of holistic bodywork incorporated into Bondassage? If so, what?

We incorporate Swedish massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, Acupressure, and Sensual Massage into our Bondassage sessions.

In what ways does Bondassage intersect with other traditional types of bondage practices?

We incorporate traditional BDSM elements (collar, cuff, restraints) into our sequence.

Tell us a little about how you came up with the concept… what was your inspiration and what was your experience with bondage/kink before Bondassage?

Bondassage comes out of my decades of work as both a professional dominant and a massage therapist. I was interested in incorporating more erotic massage elements into my BDSM sessions. Bondassage a way to explore, play with, and enhance sensation by restricting movement, sight, and normal hearing.

Describe your dream Bondassage session…

Ultimately, Bondassage is about trust. The receiver can’t totally surrender to sensation and pleasure if they’re not totally confident that the giver is going to take good care of them. It’s important to establish this relationship at the start and not betray it.  I encourage the people I play with to let go and surrender to the sensations. I love moans and sighs of pleasure and I pay exquisite attention to their body. Although Bondassage is a sequence, I approach each session as if we were two jazz musicians having a jam session. Connection, attention, improvisation, open-hearted playfulness is integral to having an amazing session.

Where can people go to experience Bondassage?

Folks can find a practitioner near them here:

You can find out more about Bondassage by visiting their websites:, and You can also find Bondassage on social media: Facebook: Bondassage Twitter: CEOBondassage Instagram: Bondassage

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