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Oz Kink Fest - Australia's largest LGBTIQA+ and Alternative Lifestyle festival has announced that its official OKF celebrations will be postponed to October 2022, but brings forth a new Fetish Market Day to be held in March.

Last week the producer of Oz Kink Fest, Mistress Mallice, announced that the current ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in place in the Melbourne area have been the ultimate deciding factor in whether to host the Oz Kink Fest in March as previously planned or not.

In a statement to the Oz Kink Fest social media pages, Mistress Mallice said: "we have been trying to navigate the pros and cons of proceeding with the festival and with Fetish Expo in its current format. After surveying over 200 people it is a 50/50 line on who will attend - so the reality is if only 50% want to come and then leading into the event people get covid and have to isolate it all feels too risky to proceed. There is also consideration that stall holders concern for their staff or if a covid case happens in their team - the list goes on and on."

This comes after postponing the 2021 Oz Kink Fest festivities in light of snap lockdown in Melbourne, originally re-scheduled to happen across the dates of March 11 - 21, 2022. Mistress Mallice offered hope and a sense of empathy with the Oz Kink Fest community in her statement, however - also announcing that, while the official OKF dates had been postponed, Oz Kink Fest would host a satellite event on Saturday 12th March in the form of a Fetish Market. The Fetish Market will be held at the Collingwood Town Hall between 11am and 6pm and is designed to give the stallholders locked in for the now-postponed Oz Kink Fest a space in which they can connect with their audiences, whilst attendees can meet and mingle and indulge in their kink pride in a both an inclusive and COVID-19 safe environment.

Oz Kink Fest states that there will also be food and drinks stalls and a stage with entertainment throughout the day in the park adjacent to the Collingwood Town Hall. To find out more about the Fetish Market event hosted by Oz Kink Fest visit or go straight to the Fetish Market ticketing vendor here.



Oz Kink Fest is an annual festival for the alternative and kink community of Australia based in Melbourne or Hellbourne as we like to call it. This event spans over 10 days and offers a variety of opportunities for like minded people to be a part of, there is something for everyone! The aim of the festival is to support the community we are all part of through events that raise a sense of community spirit and help to support the many businesses and community organisations we have.

Oz Kink Fest creates a unique trading and socialising environment for the Australian alternative lifestyle and fetish communities. We have put together an event that people enjoy coming to at a price that offers great value for money and in doing so we have created a safe and welcoming environment for both guests and stall-holders alike. Our aim with Oz Kink Fest is to provide an event that grows with its communities and evolves to remain fresh and exciting.


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