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Demasque Magazine prints quarterly (March, June, September, December) and accepts submissions all year round for consideration for feature within its pages.


  • A digital PDF tear sheet of your completed feature.

  • A  copy of the issue of the printed magazine you are featured in.

  • Complimentary entry to the launch party of the issue your work is featured in.


Anyone is eligible to submit to our magazine (creatives of all kinds and all skill levels - writers, photographers, artists, models, etc).

Our magazine is all about acceptance and awareness. Demasque is multicultural and does not discriminate age, disability, socioeconomic status, gender identity or sexual orientation, physicality, political ideation, etc.


We accept both visual and textual submissions and submissions can be in the form of completed works or as pitches/proposals for future features. 

Existing works that you have created (textual or visual) or concepts for future features.

If you plan on submitting a pitch/proposal for a feature, be sure to keep it simple, clear and concise. Outline how you intend on tackling the project and a small example of any previous similar work (not necessary, but encouraged). Moodboards for visual content pitches are welcomed.

Become familiar with the style of our magazine and the type of content we provide. Keep it tasteful and help us highlight the kinky lifestyle in a positive manner. Keep your submissions relevant.

Make sure your work is your own. Demasque values uniqueness and our audience does too.


Textual submissions do not have a minimum or maximum word count. The average word count for our articles is between 800 - 2000 words.


Types of accepted written content submissions include: articles, interviews, event features, businesses and event reviews. Autobiographical and fictional pieces are also welcomed.

Accepted document types: .pdf , .doc , .txt , .rtf.



Visual content submissions can include photography or digital images of artworks that are relevant to 'Demasque'.


There is no required minimum or maximum quantity of images for visual content submissions. If your image is chosen for feature, we will require a non-watermarked version which will be overlaid with all desired credits in the style as seen inside the printed version of Demasque Magazine.

Images can be low or high resolution at the time of submission, but the larger the image file size is the better. If your work is accepted, you will be required to provide high resolution images to be featured. Recommended is 300dpi.

Images submitted should be in .JPEG or .PNG format. We do accept .ZIP files or links to drive folders  where necessary.

All visual content (including photographic) that is accepted for feature in Demasque Magazine will be required to have no watermarks. Submission images may include watermarks, but if they are selected for feature, you must provide non-watermarked versions. All credits for visual works will be made in the style that is currently established within Demasque Magazine. 


Submittors of photographic work must provide proof that any and all models involved are over the age of 18.  Any nudity that is shown in our magazine is to be presented in an artistic nude manner and so any overtly explicit visual content will be subject to disqualification for feature approval. Art nude photography and implied nudity is welcome, subject to quality approval.

Please provide written permission or a release form from the photographer or visual content creator that owns the copyright to any images you have submitted that are not your own.


All submissions should be accompanied with your name (preferred published name/pen name), contact information (email) as well as a proposed title of the work you are submitting (optional).

Links to any website, portfolio or social media handles that you would like to be showcased along with your submission. We do accept FetLife handles for this.

Visual content submissions (photographic, artwork, etc) must be provided with permission of all persons involved in creating the work. The same applies for any textual content that might include anyone other than yourself (ie. an interview).


Upon submission, please ensure that all participants in the creation of your work are listed and their details are correct. Demasque Magazine does not accept responsibility to validate details.

The names and details provided by the submitter(s) are at the discretion of the submitter(s). Social media handles and websites (where applicable) of all involved in the creation of the submitted works are encouraged. Any content that is submitted without due accreditation will not be published. We will not be held accountable for any missing or misspelt credits. If, for any reason, a submission is published and a credit is missing, the person who submitted the feature will be held responsible. Credits should be sent in the text of the email submission or as editable .PDF or Word files.

Our editorial team reviews every submission and reserves all rights on their selection.

We will not be accepting, nor do we feature, any visually explicit (ie. graphically pornographic or violent) content.

As a contributor, all of the content you submit to Demasque Magazine must be copyright free. Works submitted must be done by you and you must be the authentic author, copyright holder of the content or have explicit permission (provided to us at time of submission) from the author or copyright holder.


If your submissions(s) become involved with any copyright entanglement because of being negligible to the above terms, your eligibility for feature in Demasque will be revoked and any featured content will be automatically removed. As a submitter of content, you will be responsible for any legal consequences that may arise due to the above conditions, regardless of Demasque’s awareness or not.


In order to achieve and maintain quality for our publication, Demasque Magazine reserves the right to enlarge, reduce and/or crop any visual content submissions that are accepted to be featured. Demasque also reserves the right to correct any spelling or grammatical errors that may arise in textual submissions.

In the case of larger textual or visual submissions, not all submitted content is guaranteed to be featured in the publication and editors reserve all rights on the selection.

When submitting, you accept the terms stated above.

Please submit files and all necessary information (as outlined above) to us via email at

Make sure to include ‘SUBMISSION’ as part of the email subject line.


Successful submissions will be responded to within 30 days of submission via email. You will be contacted letting you know that we are proceeding with featuring your work and will work with you to have your work shown in the best light possible.

High resolution images will be required if accepted for feature in Demasque Magazine.

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