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Demasque Magazine now offers a subscription service, brought to you by popular demand!

We offer three different subscription options: a printed magazine subscription for our audience within Australia, a printed magazine subscription for our audience outside of Australia and a digital magazine subscription for our audience worldwide. 

Our printed subscription option prices are inclusive of total shipping cost. You can read more about how our subscriptions work below.


Subscription pricing includes shipping and handling. We ship worldwide. All pricing on this website is listed in $AUD.

All subscription pricing options are for a yearly subscription (4 issues) and are a one time payment.  


Subscriptions start from the current issue of Demasque Magazine and subscriptions are valid for 4 (four) issues.
NB: Issues are released March, June, September, December.


In the case of you beginning your subscription in an 'in between month', you will receive the last released (current) issue as your first issue.
E.g: If you begin your subscription in February 2020, you will receive the December 2019 as your first issue; if you begin your subscription in May 2020, you will receive the March 2020 issue as your first issue and so forth. This occurs with all subsequent issues shipped to you as described below. 

Printed edition subscribers will receive their first issue as according to our standard shipping and delivery information. The remaining issues will be shipped within the first week of each of the subsequent issue's release.

There is no limit to how many subscriptions one address may have. Please ensure you choose the right subscription option for you and that you enter your correct delivery address - incorrectly provided shipping and email addresses are something we cannot take responsibility for. 

Digital edition subscribers will receive their first issue within 24 hours of subscription payment and then recurringly each release month (quarterly) until the subscription expires.


You can purchase individual issues here.

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