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Sat, 30 Apr


North Melbourne

Demasque Presents: ATOMICA

The kinky warehouse fetish party you’ve been waiting for.

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Demasque Presents: ATOMICA
Demasque Presents: ATOMICA


30 Apr 2022, 7:00 pm

North Melbourne



The kinky warehouse fetish party you’ve been waiting for.

Let's celebrate the underground culture of kink and those that have paved the way before us to be able to revel in our individual self expressions so freely. ATOMICA is the night on which we unleash our inner deviances in a fashionably retrofuturistic style. It's a play party for the senses and the soul.


Saturday 30th April

+ Doors open at 7PM / last entry at 10PM



+ Ticketholders will have the address emailed to them within the 24 hours prior of the event commencing / more specific details towards the end of this page.


+ Official dress theme is "VINTAGE KINK". Interpret this as you will.

+ Fetish-wear encouraged / EFFORT REQUIRED.

+ Think: leather, latex, PVC, lingerie, goth/alternative, drag, fur, suit, uniform, zentai, petplay, burlesque etc. 

+ Be creative, be extravagant!

+ NO casual clothes will be permitted.




Tickets for this event are only available online. There will be no door sales. Venue capacity is limited and we usually sell out so make sure you secure your spot! Please note tickets purchased incur a 2.5% booking fee.



+ Adam @adam.ext

+ Diana Ditch @latexarmageddon

+ Gina Stirling @theginastirling

+ Samson & Godiva @houseofwoland 

+ Mistress Misty & Miss Marie Thorne @mistressmistylatex / @missmariethorne

Our performances will be spread throughout the night, so keep an eye out!


+ Madalaine @madalaine

+ Shinobi 

+ Xanthraxxx @xanthraxxx

Feel free to dance or play on the stage when performances are not occurring!



Note that there is absolutely no pressure to play, however we are acutely aware of a certain type of party + play space to exist and we’re going to our greatest lengths to bring that to you <3 Here’s the details…

+ A huge array of play spaces - crosses, benches, cages, rope frames, massage tables, etc. Proudly sponsored by Playroom and M&M Showroom.

+ Dungeon monitors to ensure any questions can be answered and that safety is held as utmost priority. These monitors are easily identifiable and approachable.

+ BYO equipment / toys

+ Full nudity OK during play / bottoms must be on if/when not playing

+ NO intentional blood play and strictly NO sharps play

+ NO genital penetration  

+ Electro play demonstrations by BBPete

+ Latex polishing station sponsored by Latex 42

+ Additional demonstrations to be announced

+ You may wish to do WAX PLAY at the venue. This type of play is restricted to the massage table play areas. Drop sheets will be provided.

+ If planning to get dressed in a LATEX outfit within the venue space please bring a personal towel to stand on whilst doing so.

+ Antiseptic wipes provided for cleaning the play furniture you use.

+ If play is occurring and you are not a part of it, keep your distance from the scene. This is for the comfortability of those people playing and for your safety.

+ If play is occurring and you are not a part of it, do not try to interact, verbally or physically, in any way with people whilst they are engaged in a play scene. When this happens and is unsolicited, it can kill the vibe for everyone involved.

+ In the unlikely case of an emergency, dungeon monitors and/or venue staff will be able to assist where needed.

S.S.C = Safe, Sane, Consensual

R.A.C.K = Risk Aware Consensual Kink

P.R.I.C.K = Personal Responsibility, Informed, Consensual Kink 

These are the three most popularly used tenets which kinksters utilize for their styles of play.

This event is aimed at catering for both new and experienced kinksters alike.



+ Consent is paramount.

+ Do not touch any person without their explicit consent.

+ Do not touch any person’s belongings without their explicit consent.

+ Clothing does not equal consent.

+ Consent must be enthusiastic and freely given.

+ Consent may be withdrawn at any time.

+ “No” means no.

We reserve the right to deny you entry to or eject you from the event space if it is reported that you have engaged in any type of aggressive, coercive or disrespectful behaviors during your time on the venue’s property. We do not tolerate any form of racism, homophobia, transphobia, bodyshaming or kinkshaming. Unsolicited leering, following or any other type of harassment will not be tolerated. If you breach our event’s rules by engaging in any of these behaviours you will be asked to remove yourself from the property and no refund will be given.   

Whilst our large team of dungeon monitors will be amongst the crowd throughout the entirety of the event and doing their best to keep an eye on everything, they cannot be in every single place at every single moment. Support us in supporting you by flagging any of these negative behaviors that either you experience yourself or witness amongst the crowd to our dungeon monitors as soon as possible.



We have two house photographers operating throughout the night: @rush.exe and @tonbinawa  

+ Personal photography and videography of the play areas are NOT ALLOWED.

+ Personal photography of YOUR OWN play is ok.  

+ Selfies are OK as long as everyone in the photo is consenting.

We are also EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce that @kre8tivefreedom studio will be setting up a boudoir photoshoot set within the event space!


Our venue is a massive converted warehouse event space in North Melbourne. Ticketholders will have the address emailed to them within the 24 hours prior of the event commencing.

+ 4 min walk from Kensington Station or 10 min walk from Macaulay Station

+ The venue has a dedicated Uber/Taxi drop off point

+ Street parking near the venue is extremely limited. We recommend taking public transport or getting an Uber/Taxi.

+ Cloakroom available - $2 per item if you wish to utilize this.

+ There is no dedicated changing area.

+ Chill space with ample seating away from dancefloor and main play areas

+ Outdoor seating / smoking area

+ Bar with all your faves available

+ The venue is fully wheelchair accessible

+ Gender neutral bathrooms

+ There are NO showers at this venue

All patrons will be required to check in to the venue upon arrival with the Services Victoria phone application.



ATOMICA / Demasque Magazine is inclusive of all genders and sexualities.

This event is strictly 18+.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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