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YouTube is undoubtedly one of the internet's greatest information resources that exists today. The video platform allows individuals of all backgrounds to upload content of virtually any topic of their choosing - from make up tutorials to book reviews to video game walkthroughs to scientific and historical documentaries and more. A quick Google search reveals the claim that around five billion YouTube videos are watched each and every single day - making it clearly enormously influential in how and what information we consume.

Just like with most other platforms however, the guidelines put in place to protect certain parts of the community (as well as to align with their advertiser's wishes) means that creators who produce content for the more *spicy* side of life - or even for simply straight forward and much needed educational purposes - are often hidden away from the home page, demonetised and overlooked by a good portion of the community.

This means that content that includes mention of alternative lifestyles, such as those of kink, leather, BDSM, swinging, etc. as well as those that are made as general sexual educational videos that present more than the mainstream narrative are not as easy to find. Rest assured, though - they do exist and there are plenty of them out there!

In recent years, particularly, as alternative lifestyles continue to enter into the mainstream, more and more creators have braved the opportunity to freely share their knowledge and insights into their own communities via YouTube. Whilst YouTube might not be openly backing channels such as these, creators have found it a viable source as a way to share information with those who might be in search of what they have to say, all whilst also having the ability to couple their offerings and expand onto other platforms which allow them to go relatively more uncensored and without fear of digital punishment.

Below we've listed six YouTube channels (in no particular order) that we've found, loved and wanted to spread further awareness to for anyone looking to indulge their inner sex-and-kink-positive geek.


1. Watts The Safeword

Watts The Safeword is hosted by San Fransisco-based kink and sex educators Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer. The channel is dedicated to LGBTIQA+ inclusive content that aims to destigmatize alternative lifestyles and sexualities, and does so through providing an upbeat and entertaining energy throughout each video. The channel's first kink-informative video was uploaded in 2015 and has since exploded into a huge multi-platform community.

2. Evie Lupine

Evie Lupine has been uploading kink related content to YouTube since 2016. With over 450 videos that explore a huge range of topics under the alternative lifestyle umbrella, it could be said that Evie's upload collection has something for almost anyone. The well structured and exploratory content of Evie's Youtube channel has also garnered a sizeable audience of 185,000+ subscribers to date.

3. Desires Laid Bare

The Desires Laid Bare YouTube channel is hosted by Veronica Yahns - an educator dedicated to helping those new to kink (and concepts around it) find their feet. Whilst the Desires Laid Bare YouTube channel has not seen a new upload for two years, the quality and presentation of the information that is laid out by host Veronica still holds it's own. Whilst all new to kink can benefit from the Desires Laid Bare videos, we highly recommend this channel to those very new to or simply curious about kink / BDSM.

4. Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque is one of our favourite YouTuber's telling it like it is. She's spilling the tea in an upload schedule that, thankfully, frequently grants us an insight into her own journey within various alternative lifestyle communities. Kat explores various topics in relation to sex, gender, race and politics, alongside sharing candid stories about her experiences with all of the above.

5. MorganThorneBDSM

The MorganThorneBDSM YouTube channel was created by BDSM educator Ms Morgan Thorne in a bid to spread more awareness to various topics under the umbrella of kink and fetish. There is a huge number of videos on this channel which are categorised very easily for anyone looking to go on a YouTube kink-info watching binge, and which even branches out into DIY tutorials for kinksters looking to get crafty!

6. Fetish Matters

Hosted by Germany-based Amelie Von Stein, the Fetish Matters YouTube channel is one which, again, covers such a huge array of topics and which gives us quite a detailed insight into parts of the European BDSM community. Amalie has been uploading consistently to this channel for two years now, with the style of content ranging from sit-down-talk's to interviews to demonstrations and more.


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