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Shiri Zinn is known for her unique take on high-quality sex toys and fetish gear, drawing inspiration from her work as designer and dominatrix, as well as her love for finely-crafted, handmade and luxury materials.

Now, Shiri Zinn has entered an entirely new realm of luxury bondage with a newly-unveiled collection with couture and erotic design. This collection includes elements of exquisite jewellery, wearable art and strong, functional vegan leather for fetish play. It features a bold palette of golds, teals, reds and blacks on silky-smooth ostrich textures to offer a unique selection of ornate, co-ordinated matching sets inspired by the designer's African roots. These erotic pieces are entirely handcrafted with real glass beadwork - with no two pieces being exactly alike.

Below, we chat with the designer to find out more about her passions and processes...

How long have you been making BDSM accessories and gear for?

Not long at all - apart from making my limited edition bespoke whips (over 18 years) and designer jewelled lambskin strap-ons with matching 8 carat gold leaf ceramic dildos, as recently worn by Bjork in Vogue. . Those products already have their own loyal following. I am always looking for a way to make things unique... My new twenty-two piece BDSM collection took two years to unveil!

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

Actually - my own anitidean roots. I have had this collection going around and around in my head like a record player for about six years - then it just "popped" into my head. I never look to the industry for inspiration; I always look elsewhere, and I am a huge fan of colours too! My work is only 10% percent black if you look at my website; its mostly colour. That being said, a good portion of the new BDSM line is certainly black… but never plain. I don't do plain!

What is your favourite part of the product-making process?

I am a delegator, a dominatrix and concept creator (plus an OCD  quality control mistress.) I've never been a "craftsperson" per se - it's not what I do. I use the "best of the best" in EVERY field: the best glassmakers, the best silversmiths, etc…





Conceptual designer Shiri Zinn centres her work on modern-day perceptions of eroticism and empowerment. Her work represents a very dynamic fusion of art, jewellery, fashion, accessory and product design. It challenges the boundaries between what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable for fashion consumption and questions value judgements made by key influencers in the media, product and fashion industries. Shiri Zinn believes that, through quality and originality of design, we can challenge prejudice and preconceived notions about sexuality. She intends to challenge these prejudices and uncover the unexpected glamour in this marketplace through the medium of design.

You can find Shiri Zinn's work via her website

And on Instagram at @shirizinn


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