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Melbourne's own Kink Medic talks to us about his beginnings in the kink lifestyle and his journey in medical play.

Kink Medic's custom-embroidered play scrubs

Aside from being pretty self-explanatory, can you tell us how your moniker ‘Kink Medic’ came about?

I had an account on Fetlife for a while under a different username before I began doing things in the public/real life scene and community. I didn’t think it reflected me or my passions and background effectively, and after seeing some other usernames about, I decided Kink Medic would aptly describe me and who I am

How did you discover you were kinky?

I was initially exposed to Kink when exploring sexually at the tender age of 18. I was shown and taught impact and flogging play. My kink side really came to the forefront after meeting a now close friend of mine whilst singing in a choir, who eventually cajoled me into coming to a munch. The rest, as they say, is history.

How did you discover medical play specifically?

Interestingly, for the first 6-12 months of my time in the community, I avoided any and all medical play; I did not want to mix professional and pleasure. After numerous discussions, I was convinced to dip my toe, who better to do medical play than someone trained as a healthcare professional?

Do you participate in other sorts of play or have any other kinks that you’d like to share?

Prior to starting my foray into medical play, I focused greatly on both impact and sensation play. I still have a great affinity for both, and with the expansion into what some would call more extreme medical play, my impact play has also progressed, incorporating aspects of what would be deemed medical play, including blood play. Medical play has also given myself opportunities to expand methods of restraint to more medicalized systems, such as psychiatric patient restraint systems

What is it about medical play that you think makes it so exciting?

I think the ability to pervert what is a healing and caring profession/science into something twisted, sadistic, and artistic is utterly exhilarating. The artistic expression we can partake in with the human body, utilizing medical tools and techniques is unlike any other kink. Whether that is with needles, speculums, hooks, clamps, scalpels or a plethora of other tools.

A needle corset by Kink Medic on DontKillTyrion. Photo by Tonbi, taken at Splinter Dungeon

Medical play can mean a lot of different things - do you have a favourite type of medical play?

The majority of my medical play is needle play. I would say it is currently my favourite as it allows for a multitude of variations in technique and needles used, allowing for both sadistic and artistic flair to be displayed in a multitude of ways.

I also delve into medical explorations with insertable cameras, speculums etc, but that would certainly take second fiddle to needle play.

What are some of your favourite pieces of equipment to use in play, medical and otherwise? Within medical play, utilising intravenous cannula to allow for controlled blood letting is something I take great joy in. It allows me to adapt a medical skill into a creative expression.

Impact play is more hard to define as far as favourite equipment. I certainly have enjoyed using the aptly nicknamed “fuck stick” which is produced/sold by Splinter. It combines heavy impact with gratuitous blood play.

And one can’t go past Vampire Gloves for sensation play.

Is there any type of play you’d like to explore that you have not yet had the chance to? Medically, I have some new special needles that I look forward to playing with shortly, that can cause an exquisite amount of pain. As far as I know, I will be one of few people to utilize such needles in the Melbourne kink scene.

Can you tell us about any scene in particular that stands out as a memorable moment?

A few come to mind, but my first time utilizing ribbon with needle play to create a double corset was both one of my more challenging and rewarding scenes, considering the time and planning it took, and the beautiful outcome.

What sort of resources are there out there for someone looking to find out more about medical play? As such a hands on area of play, I recommend going to skill shares by trusted, experience tops in the community. Fortunately in Australia, and especially Melbourne we have a number of expert presenters on the topic.

Otherwise, there are some great groups on Fetlife to gain ideas from and safety tips as well.

I would highly recommend taking a first aid course so you can manage if things go wrong, and reading up on infection control. Being as clean/aseptic as possible is an incredibly high priority in medical play, and something that needs to be taken seriously.

I would also recommend obtaining a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology before undertaking medical play. Know what is normal, what can be done whilst being risk aware, and where the line is. The people who do the most extreme medical scenes have generally done a whole world of research into making sure that what they are doing is not going to cause serious harm. Certainly some medical play can lead to permanent scars and body modification, but this is very different to serious harm.


Kink Medic can be found on FetLife at @Kink-Medic


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