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Arthouse and Kink Collide at New Carnal Content Site Mondo Fetiche

Mondo Fetiche, a premier art/queer/kink production studio and content site for discerning deviants, introduces a stylish collection of erotic vignettes at

Launched by mainstream filmmaker Carlos Deth with the goal of forging a creative love affair between modern kink and vintage cult cinema, Mondo Fetiche delivers an eye-popping array of colorful scenes and scenarios starring the industry’s most respected fetish performers.

“There are some amazing fetish content sites out there, but I wanted to shoot erotica for fans of arthouse and independent films - rebellious with a campy sense of humor, a retro color palette and a bit of shock value to it,” said Deth, who previously worked as an editor and producer in reality TV, documentaries, branded content and commercials.

Mondo Fetiche currently offers 15 original scenes to entice viewers - one of its short films, Spanked for Staring, starring Veronica Vixen and Charlie Kicks, is screening at New York City’s Cinekink later in March - as well as one brand-new movie release each month, available for streaming or download.

“I believe that we are offering a fresh, unconventional and more intimate look in adult movies,” said Deth. “You can find more free porn than ever before, but some folks still can’t find what they are looking for… sexuality and fantasy are more complex, personal and nuanced than what commercial porn shows you… it takes an artistic sensibility to bring that colorful representation of sexuality and fantasy to life.”

To learn more about Mondo Fetiche visit or on socials at:



Art/kink erotica production studio and website Mondo Fetiche is the brainchild of Carlos Deth, an Argentinian filmmaker working in New York City. The Hampshire College Film Studies graduate made a career as a producer and editor of mainstream commercial work, reality television and documentaries.

In 2019 Deth founded the ‘home of artcore porn’ - porn that is cinematic, colorful, and diverse, inspired by ​arthouse and exploitation films. “We want to be a smaller, creative alternative to mass-market adult sites,” he says. “That is the content that no one else is making and that Mondo Fetiche brings to the table.”


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