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Locked In Lust was founded in 2014 and today is a leading retailer of male chastity devices that are praised for both their comfort and security.

The company's flagship device, The Vice, was created over a research and development period of two years as a direct response to the technical and quality issues experienced by other devices already on the market. The Vice utilises a patented anti-pullout system that makes escape impossible and is made from medical grade polycarbonate, which is lightweight and easily offers 24/7 wearability.

Below we chat with Locked In Lust's founder, Austin, all about chastity, kinky business and The Vice.

What do you think it is about male chastity that makes it so exciting?

Surrendering control. In a way, male chastity is one of the ultimate forms of submission that a bottom can undertake. Giving up your orgasms, giving up your erections, and giving up even the ability to touch yourself, and handing over all that control over to your Keyholder has a major psychological impact. You feel yourself surrender your mind, body, and spirit, to your

keyholder; knowing that only they can grant you the relief you crave - and that feeling of submission is intoxicating!

It doesn’t stop there. With having your favourite plaything locked away and unable to attain relief, your libido and horniness begins to skyrocket. All of your kinks will want to come to surface, and you may even discover new kinks that you’re into. Your mind becomes a rollercoaster of sex and kink. And your body, aching with desperation, develops this unquenchable thirst; it’s a feeling that is unique and very addicting. Add in some tease and denial, and those effects compound themselves.

What inspired you to start your own brand of chastity devices?

I had known about male chastity since I was in grade school (later years), and I wanted to try a device more than any other kinky toy on the market. When I was finally of age, I saved up for my first device, a CB-6000. When I got all of the sizing correct, I was disheartened to discover I could easily escape from it. I had always had an image in my mind that once a chastity device was locked on, it was there to stay. True Chastity.

I continued searching for a secure device and purchased a few knockoffs, all with the same end result. Then I started doing some research on add-on’s and modifications for the CB-6k, all of which were impossible to do, or unbearably uncomfortable, even painful to wear. During my research, I noticed I was not alone with this issue.

Since I couldn’t find a device that offered true security AND comfort (without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars), I decided to make one. And thus, The Vice was born!

What is it about The Vice that makes it different from other types of devices on the


The security. The Vice is the first and only comfortable device to deliver true security in a chastity device. As mentioned above, most devices are quite easy to escape from, thus defeating the entire purpose of chastity. Because let’s face it, when you know you can escape, you are only “playing” chastity.

The Vice uses its anti-pullout device to clamp onto the wearer to prevent slipping out. And there is a textured design on the inside tabs of the anti-pullouts which the skin actually molds to, making the device more secure the longer it is worn. After two days of constant wear, the device becomes inescapable.

The experience of being locked up when you know you cannot escape changes the dynamic of chastity. With The Vice, you are not playing chastity, you are experiencing chastity. The Vice also comes included with a myriad of different sizes to encompass almost any anatomy. This is huge, especially for those new to chastity, as you don’t have to purchase one part after another until you find your “ideal size”.

And what has the feedback on The Vice been so far?

Customers are both relieved and thrilled to have The Vice. They are thankful and relieved to finally have a device that delivers the inescapable experience it says it will, so they can finally experience real chastity. And they are thrilled for the same reason, that after all of these years, they can finally experience they chastity lifestyle they have always fantasised about. All without having to get a Prince Albert piercing to do so!

What are some of your favourite ways to play with chastity?

That is one of the beautiful things about chastity, is that is almost limitless in the ways you can play with it. It can enhance any and every kink and fetish you possess, and that in turn only further enhances your chastity experience.

My personal favourite is Tease and Denial, which in my opinion is a staple for a successful chastity experience. We utilise all of my fetishes to maximise the effect of chastity and Tease and Denial. One of my biggest fetishes is feet, and her beautiful feet are incorporated daily into our play. My partner/mistress and I will usually do weeks (sometimes months) of denial at a time, all while keeping passion burning hot in the bedroom.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into experimenting with chastity play?

It’s very important to find the right device. The chastity device you choose can make/break your experience. Especially if you are trying chastity for the first time.

Do your research. See what other customers have to say about a device, in several areas, not just the manufacturer’s website. Forums are usually a great place to start.

Find something size-adjustable or with several parts. Especially in the beginning, you want to find a device has many different ring and/or cage sizes all inclusive, so you can have a trial and error phase at home; all without breaking the bank.

Avoid knockoffs. Yes, you will save a few bucks up front, and this could be one

solution to finding the right size; but you will sacrifice flexibility for comfort, and it’s not the best trade-off when you’re starting out. These devices also tend to have a low shelf-life. The last piece of advice I can offer with starting out with chastity play is to start slow. Like with many fetishes, you want to crawl before you walk. Start slow, find the right size that suits you, wear it for a few hours at a time. Then go for a day or two, and then increase your time limits

from there. Chastity is a marathon game, not a sprint.

And if anyone ever wanted more information on it, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help the community. We also have a list of Chastity Tips on our website home page.


Visit Locked In Lust online at their website

Follow Locked In Lust on social media at @lockedinlust

• Locked In Lust also offers a keyholding service for those wishing to add another level of thrill to their chastity play (on the bottom and top of the dynamic!) and, if interested, you can find out more about that here.

• The company also has a great resource on how to size yourself for chastity here.


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