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Lockdown, gloomy lockdown! In light of the recent restrictions being imposed on Melbourne due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to cancel our planned in-person event for the upcoming Issue #12 Launch Party.

We believe this is the right thing to do for both the safety of the community as well as for support of Hares & Hyenas - our favourite live venue who have graciously hosted Demasque events over the past three years - which we so desperately want to stay unaffected.

With the above being said, we have in fact decided to replace the would-be in-person event with a virtual livestream party, to be hosted on Zoom. This virtual event will have all of the bits and pieces to be expected from our in-person events (live performances and DJs), and will potentially include some extra goodies, like Q&A’s with some of the contributors featured in this newly-releasing issue of Demasque Magazine.

We are excited to try out this new virtual format for a huge variety of reasons, but perhaps, most importantly, because we will still be able to come together and celebrate the launch of Demasque Magazine Issue #12 from the safety and comfort of our homes.

(Attendees who purchased a ticket prior to June 2nd have been contacted via email with their options).

Please join us for a night of entertainment, socialising, networking and kink pride! All info for this virtual event is to be found below.



WHEN: Friday 11th June from 8.00PM AEST.

WHERE: ZOOM - Link to event will be sent to ticketholders within the hour prior to the event starting. Ticket holders will need a Zoom account to access the event (Zoom is a free video conferencing service that anyone in the world with an internet connection can access on a digital device. More information here: ).

DRESS CODE: Casual with fetish-wear encouraged. Come as you are or dress to impress! Comfy on the couch in your Oodie or dripping in leather or latex? Your choice! No full-frontal nudity please.



Tickets for this event are strictly limited, and we usually sell out so make sure you secure your spot! Please note tickets purchased through EventBrite incur a booking fee.

1 TICKET = 1 SCREEN: $20AUD. Unlimited people can be viewing from your screen.




A retro-fetish inspired burlesque act by Celia Bow!

Celia Bow photographed by Brianna Da Silva for Kick In The Eye Jewellery

"Raised on a diet of Russ Meyer, Playboy and records, Celia Bow is your ultimate hip-shaking, heartbreaking 1960s dream girl. Combining glamour and sleaze with her natural sex kitten charm, Miss Bow’s acts will leave you absolutely infatuated. When she’s not collecting kinky smut or hanging in smoky beatnik bars, Celia can be seen around town as Melbourne’s go-to Go-Go gal."

Find Celia on Instagram at @CeliaBow


What better to celebrate with than... cake?

Marija The Romantic photographed by Jean-Luc Syndikas

"Marija The Romantic is a Melbourne-based performance artist. She is acclaimed for her evocative live explorations of food and erotica, moving through the spectrum of human emotion, teasing and challenging audiences across Australia and the world in unorthodox ways.

Marija’s work seeks to liberate what is trapped, whether it is herself from an outfit, a story from a person, or a well of emotion from a captured audience. She regularly hosts themed life-modelling classes with herself as the subject, and often collaborates with organisations and festivals such as Scratch Arts and Burning Seed."

Find Marija on Instagram at @MarijaTheRomantic


The cover girl of Demasque Magazine Issue #12 gets down and dirty for us live on cam!!

Evana De Lune photographed by Alexis Desaulniers-Lea

"Burlesque performer, costume designer, model and dream geek girl Evana De Lune is set to take the stage to share with us a vintage-fetish inspired act to get us in the mood for a night of party and play."

Find Evana on Instagram at @EvanaDeLune



DJ Michael Nero (Devil's Club, Elysium) will be on the decks.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a play event. This event is aimed at catering for those curious about, new to, or experienced in, the alternative lifestyle. Interact and chat with us, be inspired and be entertained!


Demasque Magazine is inclusive of all genders and sexualities. This event is strictly 18+.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Get Demasque Magazine issues in print or digital form here: WWW.DEMASQUEMAGAZINE.COM/SHOP

For more Demasque Magazine visit:


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