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Demasque Magazine launches a new regular feature titled "Ask Gwen..." - the perfect way to get your kinky questions answered!

Ask Gwen... provides an opportunity for the Demasque reader to write in, ask questions and interact with a femdom fatale.

Sweet Gwendoline is the Mistress with the Mostest here at Demasque, bringing to the table over a decade of varied experience within the BDSM community. Gwen graciously offers her services to provide insight into whatever kinky queries our readers may have...

To Ask Gwen... simply head to our dedicated webpage here to submit your question(s). The linked webpage also includes all additional notes that you may need to consider when sending a question through to Gwen.

Image of Sweet Gwendoline by Hoshiato


Sweet Gwendoline is a polyamorous lifestyle Domme and Switch with 12 years experience in the BDSM community. Gwen’s favourite kinky thing to do is to create scenes that involve elements of power exchange and roleplay. She is experienced in femdom, bondage, latex, spanking, pegging and more, and is eager to share her passions with Demasque readers.

Find Gwen on Instagram at @Gwendoline.Sweet and on FetLife at @SweetGwendoline

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