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Newly launched Melbourne-based company Litmus Media announces new podcast series in collaboration with RISING 2021.

With Litmus specialising in "sharing intimate stories has the power to influence, educate and inspire" and RISING being Melbourne's newest festival dedicated to celebrating artistic expression, the podcast series explores various forms of media, it's creation, dissemination, inspiration and influence through connecting hosts from a diverse range of backgrounds with its listeners.

On May 5th a special episode - hosted by sexologist Annie Sprinkle and cinematographer Sandi Sissel - was released to add to the RISING 2021 podcast series. The episode, titled Deep Throat Drive-In, opens up conversation about "sex work, the porn industry, female agency, Deep Throat and deepthroating" and invites listeners to consider how perceptions of and interactions with all of the aforementioned have evolved over the past fifty years.

The podcast episode Deep Throat Drive-In With Annie Sprinkle and Sandi Sissel is available now to listen to via the Litmus website, as well as via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and Acast.

To celebrate and further the interactive experience of this podcast release, the Deep Throat Drive-In episode will also be featured at a special upcoming event during the RISING 2021 festival.

Described as being "Australian goth meets Hollywood kitsch in a night of classic cars, monstrous performers, speaker stacks and back-seat make outs", the event will happen at the historic Dromana Drive-In across June 4th and 5th to create a further tantalising audio-visual experience for all those interested in sex and queer theory to really sink their teeth into.

All event information and tickets for the Deep Throat Drive-In interactive experience visit the RISING website here.



"RISING is a major cultural event for the Asia Pacific Region, created by a diverse team of local, national and international artists and curators.

RISING will begin on the evening of the total lunar eclipse in May 2021. Interlocking circles of experience and connection will radiate through the night, as the city re-synchronises and is re-energised with public art, performance and music spanning the emerging and iconic, the epic and intimate.

The inaugural festival will take place 26 May – 6 June 2021 in the heart of Melbourne."


"Litmus Media specialises in producing audio experiences with an emphasis on diverse, culturally significant stories that connect and resonate with listeners."

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