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FUEGO SOCIETY: A New Wave of Underground Art In Tokyo

The Fuego Society - an underground collective of creatives from diverse backgrounds spanning multiple countries and disciplines that collaborate with select artists and spaces in the heart of Tokyo.

The current mainstays of the Fuego Society's creative endeavours include the über-exclusive IRL event dubbed The Oracle and HOUSE of FUEGO - a monthly interactive online streaming experience which incorporates experimental performance and self exploration.

Described as "an intimate ritual gathering in a circle around a performing artist in a secret location", The Oracle is an event intended to connect the audience both with the performers and creative expressions on show on a deeper level whilst also holding space for the audience themselves to "discover, connect, and bond with their inner emotions". The tickets for this recurring event are strictly limited and can be found, along with more information b=via the Fuego Society's website here.

For those not within Tokyo or who are still taking social distancing precautions, the monthly livestream HOUSE of FUEGO is but one other option available for those interested in being a part of the Fuego Society's realm. These live-streamed events incorporate experimental performances by a variety of artists - with the premise that each "artist is put in a black sterile room, inviting them to use this space to explore, try, experiment the boundaries of their own artistic process, creating outputs, performances that would not be born in more controlled and formal situations."

The live-streamed series of episodes hosted by House of Fuego is presented with the support of a group of Japanese creatives that are renovating an old traditional Japanese house in Asakusa (浅草), east Tokyo. The location is a old traditional wooden Japanese-style house, with tatami flooring and an authentic style that the collective intends to bring back "the old glow with the aim to make it a new hub for the new creative wave, far from the lights and the frenzy of the west side of Tokyo, but in the heart of the more traditional and authentic Tokyo." The venue is described as "a place of exploration, experimentation, gathering and creation" and can be found on Instagram at @entanglement_f.

Further information about the upcoming live-stream events can also be found at the Fuego Society website.

The ethos of the Fuego Society is to encourage everyone to push the limits of self expression through any and all forms of art, with an aim to create and explore alternate realities; sensory driven atmospheres of experimentation through tailored experiential performances of immersive and interactive art, exhibition, and free space.

Learn more at and connect with Fuego at @fuego.society



Fuego originated as a gathering in the countryside of northern Italy back in 2013 from the desire to create a new kind of feast, connecting underground unusual arts and artists.

Taking place in a farmhouse converted into a house of worship, forming a cult of artistic freedom, Fuego organized events over 5 years. Hosting art exhibitions and performances, live music, and unusual attractions {escape rooms, horror paths into the woods, and live cinema to name a few}.

The main concept of Fuego was always red, horror, grunge, esoteric, an underground revenge, a cult of strange, a visceral rejection of socially accepted norms. It was a night to be free, to express who we really are. A dance of our inner fires.

After going on hiatus for years, Fuego reappeared in Tokyo in March, 2021. Participants were sent a QR code guiding them to an abandoned building which required them to find the cult gathering through a clue left in a dilapidated stairwell. Gathered on a rooftop in the district of Koenji, unannounced to the attendees, the night began with a ritual initiation ceremony led by a butoh dancer in a white silk kimono subsequently covered herself in blood and burned her clothes in a bonfire. There were live performances of Shibari, live painting, and butoh surrounded by exhibiting artists showcasing photography, analog and digital mixed media, and an interactive exhibit in a converted water closet. The night ended with music, drinks, and food from our in-house noodle bar. A month later we would host an experimental noise performance and party at a coin laundry in Ikebukuro, followed by a very special and intimate gathering for an artist performance/exhibition, and launch a series of live/streaming events. This is only the beginning..


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