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Since its inception in 2017, GEAR'd has been the biggest annual weekend celebration of all things kinky in South Australia. This year GEAR'd runs across the dates of November 18th - November 21st and, with the addition of new community title competitions and event structure, is set to be a landmark affair for its host organisation, Adelaide Leather and Fetish.

The annual GEAR'd celebrations consists of three days of meet-and-greets, workshops, parties and a marketplace for those looking to get their kinky fix, as well as the renowned Mr and Ms Adelaide Leather title competitions.

In early 2021, however, AL&F announced that not only would the Mr and Ms Adelaide Leather title competitions be returning to be a part of this year's GEAR'd schedule, but that there would also be the addition of four new titles. The title of Adelaide Rubber was the first added to the lineup - seeing South Australia join its kinky interstate neighbours in having a formally recognised latex spokesperson for the first time - as were the highly anticipated national titles of Mr Australian Leather, Ms Australian Leather and Australian Bootblack. Unfortunately, due to the difficulties imposed by COVID-19 restrictions across the country (still in effect at the time of this article's publication in October 2021), AL&F recently announced that the Mr Australian Leather, Ms Australian Leather and Australian Bootblack titles would be postponed until it is safe for those wanting to both enter and support the competitions to travel. The annual GEAR'd marketplace event was also postponed due to the travel restrictions which have affected sponsors and kinky gear-makers from around the country.

The new Adelaide Rubber title, along with all of the other good things we've come to know and love about GEAR'd, is still set to go ahead, however - and is creating some big excitement within both the South Australian and interstate kink communities.

To find out more about GEAR'd 2021 and to purchase tickets to South Australia's premier kinky weekend, visit the GEAR'd website here.


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