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The Los Angeles based Leather and BDSM group House of Algos has just announced a new scholarship program for those interested in taking their kink life to the next level.

Headed by Sir Ezra, the Director of Education at Sanctuary Studios LAX and Headmaster of the House of Algos, the scholarship is designed to provide a new way of interacting with and interpreting BDSM, kink, fetish and alternative lifestyles. The Triskelion Scholarship is open to all applicants (of any existing skill level) and will provide a free course "that teaches more than just we do in BDSM, it teaches how and why we do it and in a way that people can understand" as well as complimentary entrance to the DomCon event, which is created by the legendary Headmistress of Sanctuary LAX, Mistress Cyan.

To be eligible for the Triskelion Scholarship, applicants must simply provide a resume and one-page essay about what it is exactly they're hoping to seek in their kink journey(s). Applications, including the required documents, should be submitted via email to and are due by December 15th, 2020.


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