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Melbourne Rubber Launches New Community E-Newsletter

Melbourne Rubber - the community group for all shiny enthusiasts within Victoria and beyond - has announced an initiative that comes in the form of it's new E-Newsletter.

It has been stated that the e-newsletter will be released monthly, featuring news that pertains to the interests of those both interested in and actively involved in the activities of the Melbourne Rubber group. The e-newsletter will highlight upcoming kinky events within Melbourne and also feature an MRMember section which expands on the existing '15 Minutes With...' episodes that have become a staple on the Melbourne Rubber Instagram.

The first e-newsletter was released on February 28th 2022 and includes a calendar of events for March, as well as it's first MRMember interview with @plugs_bunny.

The e-newsletter is accessible via the Melbourne Rubber website, as well as to members of the Melbourne Rubber Facebook group (which accepts join requests from fans of latex, neoprene, leather and other similar materials of all genders and sexualities, regardless of geographic location). The e-newsletter comes as the latest project by 2021 Melbourne Rubberman Matt C @latexarmageddon, who has also taken on the task of hosting the Melbourne Rubber '15 Minutes With...' monthly livestreamed interviews and the Rubber Romp social events, alongside his reigning year's fundraising for the Queerspace organisation.


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