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Mistress Marley Breaks Down ‘The Misconceptions of Financial Domination’ in New Video

The Chocolate Domme, aka Mistress Marley is taking to her official YouTube channel to set the record straight about the mistaken assumptions and outright lies surrounding her chosen profession in her newest video, ‘The Misconceptions of Financial Domination’.

“A lot of people don’t know what Findom is, what it entails, there’s a lot of ignorance around it, some people are like ‘Findom is fake’ - it’s definitely not fake, I’m a living testament to that!” she says.

Misconception #1 - Taking clients’ money without their permission. “I don’t see how that could happen, seeing that the subs physically have to go on their money apps and send to us… it’s definitely very consensual; we’re making grown men send us money against their will? That’s not true at all.”

Misconception #2 - Findommes must send nude photos/content to their benefactors. “Most fin subs, they don’t expect a session, they don’t expect nudity, they don’t even expect you to give them all your time. You might do a Skype session, you might do some humiliation online, you might do some type of domination… but that gets into Femdom… you’re getting more into the physicality of the kinks.”

Misconception #3 - All tributes (personal payments) must be large amounts of money. “A tribute can be as small as five dollars, as large as five thousand dollars… it depends on who sees you, who likes your content, who wants to send a large amount of money to you and who can give what they can give.”

Misconception #4 - Findommes have to look a certain way to be successful. “This misconception can be debunked by going on Twitter… you will see so many different types of dommes - different races, different orientations, different sizes… you create your content, you find your niche, you stick to what you’re doing.

“You never know what people like… beauty is in the eye of the beholder… so many people are into so many different things, especially the BDSM world… it’s so diverse and so inclusive - that’s really why I love this world. You can be any type of person... It’s how you work your angles… what you’re into and what makes you YOU, what makes you unique. I know that sounds corny, but it’s very much so true.”

To watch the video in full, visit Mistress Marley’s YouTube channel.



Mistress Marley, a.k.a. @thechocolatedomme, is a New York City-based professional dominatrix that specializes in financial domination (‘findom’), sex educator, ‘play party’ curator and supportive mentor of up & coming Dommes looking to embark upon a career in the industry.

A powerful sex worker advocate, Marley got her start in 2017 by researching jobs that best suited her personality and freedom-loving lifestyle; the former exotic dancer learned the ropes of her craft through six months of intense, meticulous studying, and when she knew she was ready to take flight, Chocolate Domme was born.

Marley achieved peak viral infamy in 2019 when she caught the attention of 3.5 million viewers in an unforgettable video of her walking her leashed sub through North Carolina Central University's homecoming event.

The Pro Domme is proud of her 125+-member mentoring collective, Black Domme Sorority, which she calls a “safe space for Black and Afro-Latina women to come together” in order to network, promote one another’s content and offer a true support system for each other as underrepresented professionals in the industry.

Marley also offers instructional courses, virtual demonstrations and exclusive tips on mastering BDSM 101, Sex Work 101, Sugaring 101 and Sex Work 101 through her Sexcademy, a learn-at-your-own-pace platform with membership opportunities in the Sugaring Academy, Dominatrix Academy, and SW Academy.

Mistress Marley currently boasts more than 65,000 unique monthly visitors, 46,000 average interactions and more than 25,000 social media followers. LINKS


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