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Netflix Series THE PRINCIPLES OF PLEASURE Smashes Stigma of Female Sexuality

Think you know what women think? Eye-opening revelations await viewers of a brand-new Netflix three-part limited docuseries, The Principles of Pleasure.

Narrated by comedian Michelle Buteau, the groundbreaking health & wellness series digs deep into the social mores - and dirty minds - that define modern women’s sexual attitudes, desires, identities and behavior from a myriad of voices that simply speak their personal truths about erotic pleasure.

The Principles of Pleasure features a cast of respected sex-positive educators and advocates such as Dirty Lola (, Erika Lust (, Ericka Hart (, Emily Nagoski, PhD (, Danielle Bezalel, MPH (, Dr. Lori Brotto (, Allison P. Davis (, Dr. Nicole Prause, PhD, ( and Gina Nicole Brown (

“Everybody - and every body - deserves pleasure; many people are excluded and feel unseen when it comes to having pleasure, and this series was made for those of us who have historically been left out of these experiences,” said Lola. “We are not only talking about culturally diverse cis women, but trans women, gender-diverse, and non-binary folks too. Pleasure is for ALL of us.”

To learn more about Principles of Pleasure, visit, and view the trailer on or linked below:


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