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Research shows sexual health is more than 'Family Planning'

After more than 50 years of providing specialised health care, education and advocacy to the community, Family Planning Victoria is changing its name to Sexual Health Victoria to better reflect society’s changing attitudes towards relationships, sexuality and sex.

The new name – effective from 1 February 2022 – signifies the evolving nature of the organisation’s remit, as well as its inclusive and progressive approach in the sexual health space.

Sexual Health Victoria CEO Claire Vissenga said external influences meant that the name no longer aligned to community expectations.

“The internet, social media and greater awareness of LGBTQIA+ communities meant that the name no longer resonated with our audience. We recognised that to be most effective we needed to retire the original name,” Ms Vissenga said.

“While providing sexual health education and care around contraception, pregnancy choices and STI awareness remain a key aspect of our work, we’re increasingly playing a role in assisting and advocating for people regarding much broader issues around sex.

“We are a judgement-free and inclusive organisation, run by some of the best sexual health care specialists and educators in the country. We are a health promotion provider which offers essential sexual health care services, community outreach, in and out of school education and professional medical training. Being visible and relevant is paramount.”

Prior to the rebrand, Sexual Health Victoria engaged independent third-party qualitative and quantitative research of more than 1100 people regarding its brand and the environment in which the organisation operates.

“The research results highlighted the importance of the work we’re doing, as well as a capturing a concerning number of people (61%) rely on less credible or trustworthy sources for their sexual health information. Our rename will help people identify us the leading and conclusive source of contemporary sexual health information,” Ms Vissenga said.

“We need to ensure our brand is relevant and recognisable to continue to effectively be the place to find up-to-date, honest information written by medical professionals – particularly considering that 57% of survey respondents said they are highly likely to seek out information when they have a worrying question. We need them to feel safe and confident.

“Our services are for the sexual health of everybody, not just those starting a family. Our purpose is to provide contemporary and equitable access to sexual health care and education; regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, finances or otherwise.”

Sexual Health Victoria Marketing and Engagement Manager Sarah Cabret said it was critical for the organisation’s brand – as a symbol of its services and values – to move with the times.

“We were really keen to see how we could better position the brand to effectively attract, engage and educate the community on safe and pleasurable sexual practices,” Ms Cabret said.

“It was essential that we understood and then responded to our key audience's needs, wants and mindset in relation to sexual health and associated issues.

“The new logo is a speech bubble that symbolises the importance of having conversations about sexual and reproductive health.

“The logo also represents a room with an open door to the organisation’s clinics space or classrooms, to invite all to have frank discussions in a safe, welcoming and judgement-free environment.

“The new name and branding establish Sexual Health Victoria as a professional, approachable, welcoming, and inclusive organisation, which empowers sexual health choices and wellbeing for all.”

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About Sexual Health Victoria:

Sexual Health Victoria (formally Family Planning Victoria) has a focus on reproductive and sexual health care, education, and advocacy. Governed by a voluntary board of directors, Sexual Health Victoria has provided services to the Victorian community for over 50 years and remains an independent, not-for-profit, all-choice organisation. Our vision is to improve reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing for everyone in Victoria and beyond.


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