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Sex ‘69 is an exciting and innovative online project exploring Australia's ‘underground’ adult retail industry, documenting the scene from 1969 until today.

Drawing from a combination of historical and contemporary material, including photos, written documentation and interviews, Sex '69 will give a window into the commodified space of the adult retail world and give a voice to the hidden and often stigmatised truth of adult retail proprietors, the workers and their unique milieu.

Sex ’69 will ultimately become a living historical document – one that pays homage to the adult retail industry and its position within the Australian landscape. It will also become an important resource for those working in the adult retail industry and anyone wanting to learn about an important part of Australian culture and history. The project will exist on a web platform as a digital exhibition accessible to anyone, anywhere, at

For more on the background of the project click HERE.

One of the project’s main aims is to ensure that the history of the Australian adult retail industry is showcased in an accurate and respectful manner. In order to do this Sex '69 will access and include important photos and articles, relating to the adult retail industry, from key archives.

Another of the project's main aims is to create a strong level of partnership with key members of the Adult retail industry. It is hoped that both owners and staff will be part of this project and will share their valuable knowledge, experiences and stories with us. In order that Sex '69 has the 'voice' of the adult industry included in this project, they will be sending out a questionnaire to both owners and staff to gain their valuable input.

If you would like to be involved in the Sex '69 project you can get in touch with the curators via email at

The official Sex '69 website launched is to be celebrated at an event held at Hares and Hyenas in Melbourne on November 30 from 7PM - to be officially launched by Fiona Patten of Reason Australia. The launch will also include there will special guest performers and video footage on display, as well as speeches by VIP members of the adult retail industry.


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