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SEXUAL KUNG FU By Johnathan White

As an instructor of Sexual Kung Fu, Qigong and wellness, Johnathan White is on a mission to educate others on the depth and power of sexual energy - in and out of the bedroom. In this article, Johnathan shares with us his discoveries in and thoughts on his practices, which combine both the spiritual and physical aspects of sexual energy.

Image by Chels Collins/MeowHouse Photography

The essence of Sexual Kung Fu, as I teach it, is about creating a conscious relationship with your sexual energy, and using that energy to enhance all aspects of your life. For men, this involves learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Men tend to feel exhausted and depleted after ejaculating, and are often unable to continue with the sexual act. We have the stereotype of the man who rolls over and falls asleep after having sex. With Sexual Kung Fu, a man can learn to have complete control over when, and even if he is going to ejaculate.

“Kung Fu” is a term originally used to describe any practice that requires consistent training over time. Sexual Kung Fu is the practice of becoming skillful in regards to a sexual practice. This was originally developed by the Taoists in ancient China, the originators of acupuncture and Chinese medicine as we know it today. The Taoists did not have all of the distracting technology that we have today, and spent their time living close to nature and observing the body and all of it's subtle processes. They observed the power of human sexuality, and developed practices to harness that power for health, happiness, spiritual fulfillment, and higher levels of pleasure.

Most men associate ejaculation with orgasm, but they are actually two distinct and separate processes. Ejaculation is simply the pumping of the prostate to release the semen through the urethra and out the penis. Orgasm is the result of a buildup of tension which resolves in pulsation, it can be experienced physically or energetically. Most men have only experienced a very limited orgasm in the genitals, which results in ejaculation. With proper training, you can experience orgasms throughout the entire body.

How can a man learn to separate ejaculation and orgasm? This is where Sexual Kung Fu training comes in. The first thing I always teach men is to focus on their breath. How slow, deep, and full can you make your breath? Also, breathing from the belly is crucial to calming the mind, and grounding our attention in the body. This is also a very effective technique for a man to control his ejaculation.

In one particular technique, the aroused sexual energy is pulled out of the genitals and up the spine into the brain. This causes a pleasant and mild orgasm in the brain. The brain is energized with sexual energy and a distinctive pulsation can be felt throughout the head and body.

Two lovers can consciously exchange their energy through these energy channels. This is already happening unconsciously during intercourse. But when you begin to guide the energy and exchange on deeper levels, the potential is created for higher and higher states of orgasmic ecstasy and intimate exchange.

I first learned about these practices in Mantak Chia's book, “The Multi-Orgasmic Man”. Eventually I started intensive studies in , meditation and sexual practices. To me, these are all interconnected. Your sexuality ties into every aspect of your being, if you meditate and learn to calm your mind and guide your energy, then you can do exactly that in the bedroom with your partner.

We live in a very busy and distracted world, people are rarely able to put our complete attention and focus into one task which is often reflected in the bedroom. Men especially tend to rush through the sexual act, to reach the intense peak of ejaculatory orgasm, often not realizing they are missing the incredible amount of bliss that can be found in enjoying every moment of the sexual act. When you slow down, breathe deeply, and feel the arousal spreading through your body, sex takes on a whole new dimension of experience and bliss.

A basic technique you can use to start enhancing your sexual experience is working with the Microcosmic Orbit. The Microcosmic Orbit is the main energy channel in the body, it is comprised of two separate channels. One channel starts at the perineum and travels directly up the back of the body, coming over the crown of the head and ending at the roof of the mouth. This is considered the yang aspect of the Orbit, also know as the fire channel. The second channel starts at the tongue and travels down the front of the body, back down to the perineum. This channel is considered yin, and also known as the water channel. Touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth connects the two channels and creates a continuous circuit of energy. This channel becomes a container for our energy, by opening and clearing the Orbit through meditation and qigong practices you will have a safe pathway to channel your sexual energy through.

Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes, place your tongue against the roof of the mouth, and focus on your breath. With every deep breath, feel as though you are breathing into a ball or pearl of energy in the lower belly center. Feel the energy condense here. After a few breaths, feel this pearl move into the front channel, at the navel. Exhale and move the pearl down to the perineum. As the pearl reaches the pelvic floor, inhale and bring it up the back of the body, all the way up to the crown. Then exhale, and feel the pearl move down the front of the body, past the forehead, down the throat, all the way back down to the navel. Feel the pearl condense back into the center of the belly. Repeat this several times, you can also do this practice while standing and use your hands to guide the energy.

After you have a feel for your Microcosmic Orbit, you can integrate this into your sex life. During sexual activity, focus on breathing deeply. With every breath, feel as though you are drawing sexual energy up the back of the body, tightening the perineum to intensify the movement of energy. When the energy reaches the crown, exhale and bring it down to the navel. With time, you will be able to experience higher states of orgasm, and men will be able to control their ejaculation with ease.

Sexual Kung Fu has been a deeply fulfilling practice for me. It has improved every aspect of my life, both in at out of the bedroom. Sexual energy is the potent force that a human can experience. With time and practice, you can experience the incredible benefits for yourself.

Image by Chels Collins/MeowHouse Photography

You can find out more about Johnathan and his Sexual Kung Fu practices at his website, and on Instagram at @sexual.kungfu


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