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Sir Ezra - educator at Sanctuary LAX and founder of The House of Algos - releases "Mindfucking Mindfully: A Guide to Mental Manipulation for BDSM and Sadomasochism" - the first ethical guide to mindfucking ever published.

Sir Ezra, of the House of Algos and educator at Sanctuary LAX, has announced the publication of the first guide to consensual mental manipulation for BDSM practitioners and the wider kink-inclined community. In the new book, an intellectual dissection of the practice is accompanied by several first-hand accounts from Sir Ezra and other leaders in the field.

“Mindfucking Mindfully…” stands to help the kink neophyte, the S&M veteran and/or those intersecting with BDSM from other sex-positive communities. It covers the basics with a focus on safety, ethics, and best practices. It also covers advanced techniques, the categorization of the various mechanisms of mindfuck play, as well as some examples of elaborate mindfucks. It also features a simple game that is outlined and included with the intention to aid readers practice the art of mindfucking with each other in responsible ways.

“It shares all the sweet secrets that we, mindfuckers, have up our sleeves," says Midori, legendary BDSM author and educator in the kink community. "This is a humane book. Why is it humane? Because this tries very hard to address the gray area of desire. This gives several very useful tools to think about, discuss, and use for understanding consent, fun, agency, and abuse”.

The book is available on as a paperback or audio book on or after May 21, 2021.


An exclusive book release party will also be held at Sanctuary LAX Studios on May 21,2021 from 8 p.m. – 1a.m. Guest list is limited to 25 persons that have been fully vaccinated.

Tickets are $40USD and are available here.

Pre-orders of Mindfucking Mindfully are available at before May 21, 2021.



Sir Ezra, President of House Of Algos Inc. is a trusted source for BDSM Education and Director of Education for Sanctuary LAX Studios. He is the co-founder of the Triskelion Scholarship, the first scholarship available for students pursuing courses and training in the BDSM field. Sir Ezra offers professional sub/Dom Training, BDSM/Sex Coaching, and Private Classes at

Find Sir Ezra online:

Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios

HeadMaster at the House of Algos

Coach and Educator at


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