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Melbourne-based somatic sexologist Tamica Wilder has released her first book as an ode to all things that have brought her to where she stands today - as both a sex educator and proponent of radical self-love and acceptance.

Through the concept of Wild Honey, Tamica Wilder proposes that there is a way for individuals from all walks of life to find fulfilment through self expression and connecting more deeply with our sexualities and sensualities. As the author says: “Wild Honey is the title of this book and it’s also a way of life.”

At 95 pages Wild Honey is straight to the point - discussing mainstream collective views on sexuality and how that has the potential to largely disrupt ones connection with the self, while very much digging up, unearthing and shining the light on issues, such as shame, that many of us feel throughout the stages of learning to understand our own sexualities.

Wild Honey does come with a trigger warning for those who may be sensitive to topics that revolve around sexual assault and/or mental health.

Wild Honey explores the creation of sexual identity in childhood and the ways it has the potential to evolve and be expressed through puberty and into adulthood. The book is interspersed with poems, personal accounts and practical activities dedicated to the author’s exploration of self and expression - and her mission to help spread the message that it is okay to feel pleasure through whatever sexual identities we may align with.

The author draws on her work as a somatic sex coach to discuss how body-focused and body-focusing tools - such as the conscious inhabitation of the senses - can aid us in further deepening our body-mind connections.

An empowering energy permeates throughout Wild Honey's pages - from discussing trauma to accessibility of sexual education at all ages to suggesting ways of dispelling inherited and outdated beliefs. Through Wild Honey the author Tamica Wilder speaks directly to the reader in a way that is easy to understand, relatable and inspiring.


Tamica Wilder’s Wild Honey released June 7th 2021 and is available in print and e-book form via Debut Books, Amazon and Scribd.



“Tamica Wilder is a Melbourne-based somatic sex coach and multi-qualified therapist with a deep passion for teaching humans to re-attune to the wisdom of our bodies, while giving full permission to shamelessly prioritise pleasure and play.” Tamica is also the creator of The O’Mama Experience - a holistic sexuality course for those who identify as women.

Find the author Tamica Wilder online via: Instagram: @theorgasmicmama

Facebook: theohmama

And on her website


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