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Erotic spanking involves the smacking or spanking of the buttocks to elicit arousal (or some other form of gratification) for those involved.

The person receiving the spanking is called the spankee, with the person who is dishing it out being called the spanker. A spanko is someone who has a fetish or deep fascination with spanking and can be either a spankee, spanker or both.

Spanking usually occurs on the round of the buttocks but can be done on other parts of the body, provided the spankee consents.

Some people also use the term spanking for other light impact play using equipment like paddles, crops, etc, but we will be focusing on bare handed spanking in this article.

Fetish model Bettie Page spanking her co-star, taken by Irving Klaw


Spanking can be exciting, sexy and thrilling if done in a consensual and negotiated manner.

Just as with most sorts of play where pain and pleasure receptors become intermingled, spanking can cause a chemical release in the brain to give the spankee a rush of emotions.

Spanking can be implemented in a more cheeky and fun sort of play while it can definitely be also included in harder, more punishing types of play. Some people engage in play sessions where the scene is entirely focused on spanking, while it is also common to incorporate some form of spanking into other types of play (particularly impact) also.


The butt is the most fleshy part of the body, making it more durable to higher levels of pressure, and is the most common and safe place to spank. It is also one of the largest erogenous zones on the body.

Spanking should be focused on the most round part of the bottom. The sides of bottom and thighs are more sensitive because they tend to hold less fat and muscle and so can be more susceptible to pain.

As with any impact play, it is important to avoid any places on the body that have little protection to the bones or organs (tailbone, neck, joints, hipbones, etc)


The act of spanking can range from a brief couple of spanks to a lengthy session of endurance. In both instances, comfort for those involved is an important factor, particularly for the spankee and in longer sessions. Below are a few of the most common spanking positions.

STANDING: Against a wall or bent over a chair, table or other piece of furniture.

KNEELING: On a couch, on a bed, on the ground etc

USING SPANKING BENCHES: Also called a spanking horse, it is a piece of furniture commonly found in dungeons, made to position the receiver in the most prime position for rear impact. Size and design can vary tremendously.



Before any type of play session, it is recommended that open communication and negotiation about the intensity and other variables of the play should occur. In spanking, the types of things negotiated will typically be the intensity, if lasting marks are desired, if the spanking will be bare-bottomed or not, etc.

Starting out lightly and building up intensity while gauging your spankees reaction to each spank is recommended. Some people test it out with a numbers system (ie. received pain on a scale of 1-10).


The temperature can affect the sensation of each impact to the skin (regarding the amount of pain or pleasure received) and so warm up is a good way for the spankee to get more into the scene.

Caressing the buttock to get it used to the sensation of a different sort of touch, as well as light spanks to get blood flowing and temperature rising is a good way to start. Some people start with warm up over the spankees underwear or clothing and then move to bare-bottom spanking, if negotiated. The butt will start to feel warm and turn a shade of pink and it is then that the main of the spanking play will occur.


For the spanker, finding a steady and comfortable rhythm will benefit their hand's endurance, while experimenting with pace during a spanking session can also be fun.

Trying out a slower or faster pace throughout play is typical, while random or surprising spanks can add to the psychological experience for the spankee.


The hands of the spanker are the tools that deliver the pain and pleasure of spanking and they can be used in a few different ways.

Cupping your hand while spanking will usually result in a duller, deeper thud rather than the stinging sensation that usually results from spanking with a flat palm.

Caressing the place that has just been spanked provides some temporary sensation relief for spankees. Lightly tickling, dragging your fingers over or scratching the area that has been spanked can also be interesting ways to provide new sensations during play.

Don't forget you can use both hands!


As per negotiation and general play etiquette, aftercare after spanking should occur. Players checking in with each other immediately after play as well as in the days after is common practice. This could range from simply discussing how the scene went to more emotional based aftercare.

Soothing sore skin with moisturizers or aloe vera after spanking can help it return to normal. Bruising occurs when the small capillaries open and blood pools under the surface of the skin, which can happen quite easy depending on the intensity of a spanking. Arnica oil can be used to combat inflammation or bruising if it occurs.

A spanked bottom can be sore in the days after, and, if bruised more than just lightly, some people people recommend not doing more spanking until the butt is fully healed.


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