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Kinkability is the latest project by internationally recognised kink educator and leather woman Ignixia Roberts. Being also the owner of the award-winning leathercraft business, Adrenalize Leather, Ignixia has been developing high-quality, custom impact and restraint bondage gear for a number of years, with Kinkability being the first fetish toy line of its kind to being created purposefully for the use of those with disability.

Alongside running educational workshops, intensive programs and private consults on a range of kinky technical-skill, lifestyle and business based topics, Ignixia has also included her first-hand experience with living with chronic pain to provide a support group and classes for those seeking to make daily life with disablity and kink easier to manage. The Kinkability toy line is just another extension of Ignixia's passion for providing a form of tangible support and inclusion for those living with disability within the kink lifestyle. Read more about the Kinkability project below, in Ignixia's own words.



By Ignixia Roberts

Contrary to what porn shows us, not all of us in the kink world are without certain difficulties and limitations when it comes to play. Between a wide variety of congenital anomalies and whatever life happens to throw at us along the way, sometimes we need a little extra help getting our kink on.

My name is Ignixia and I’m the owner of Adrenalize LLC and creator of all the award-winning leather goods we sell. As someone with a number of chronic pain and disability related conditions I too had to change my lifestyle in 2011 as the "daily grind" became unbearable. I stopped my hourly job and instead jumped head on into leatherworking, which had previously been a hobby, as my sole source of income. I also started teaching classes on how to live with chronic pain and add kink into the mix. Currently I’m thrilled to announce that I've found another way to merge those passions into a new project that gears my leatherworking towards those I've focused my kink education career towards helping.



Kinkability is a revolutionary new line of products that helps put kink gear into the lives of those with physical limitations that would have otherwise prevented their ability to participate in kink. In the past fetish gear like floggers and various types of whips required the user to hold onto a handle, which can be difficult for those with anything from arthritis to ectrodactyly to lower arm amputations and so much more. Kinkability is designed with the use of a mitt that can be easily attached over the user’s hand or arm through the use of buckled straps. That mitt can then have any variety of Kinkability toys attached to it (floggers, dragontails, etc.), and even have multiple items attached for different sensation combinations!

The Kinkability toy line really is one of a kind and we hope it will help kinksters and fetishist get the gear they love that works with them, instead of against them. That being said Adrenalize needs all of your help ensuring that we can provide the most accommodating gear possible; we want to hear about the difficulties you encounter with your fetish gear! If you or someone you know can benefit from a specialized toy, please send them our way!

I'm incredibly thankful to the friends who came forward and presented this interesting "challenge" to me, otherwise this may have never come to fruition.

Here's to making the kink world just a little more accessible for everyone!


You can find Adrenalize Leather and their Kinkability toy line online via their website here as well as on their Facebook page, on Twitter and on Instagram.


More about Ignixia Roberts:

"While leatherwork has provided a means to live, education and outreach fuel her passion for life. When not traveling to teach at kink conventions, she volunteers 2 days per week at the Woodshed Orlando as a DM and educator. Locally she has also been a founding member and Co-Chair of NLA-Orlando, Co-Founder of WiLO (Women in Leather Orlando), Co-Creator of CFL Littles, and supporter of WinK (Women in Kink), Dominant’s Roundtable, and multiple under 35 groups. Yearly she donates products to multiple events’ charity funds and recently created the Kinky Coexist design reminding us to always work together."

Ignixia is active on most social media platforms and can be found on Instagram, Twitter and via her website here.


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