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We’ve done our research and are excited to list the top 4 (in no particular order) professional BDSM-experience offering venues around the country. All of these dungeons offer a wide range of services to cater for those merely curious about play as well as seasoned kinksters.


Melbourne, VIC

Fetish House is the top professional dungeon in Victoria and has been providing experiences to the community for 14 years. The dungeon features 6 fully equipped fetish rooms, with room hire available. Fetish House offers the services of professional mistresses, masters, submissives or even just someone to experiment with in a safe and experienced environment. Walk-throughs of the space are available upon request and the dungeon occasionally hosts open days for anyone interested to come in and view all of the facilities on offer.

You can find out more about Fetish House via their website:


Adelaide, SA

Fetish Palace Studios is a purpose built dungeon on Light Square, in the heart of Adelaide City. With nine fetish themed rooms so Mistress can capture not only you... but your imagination! Mistress Gabrielle designed, built and dominates this wild wonderland for adult carnal desires. The Dungeons have a dark, visceral atmosphere that will leave you bewildered as the front door slams behind you and you lose your connection to the outside world. Fetish Palace Studios is an immersive experience ranging from light and fluffy crossdressing to wild and raunchy rides that often involve whips. Not to mention the white light at the end of the hallway, a decadent fetish medical suite rarely seen outside of Germany… Yum! All Mistress’ are trained in-house undergoing a thorough two year apprenticeship. Protocol is a MUST when requesting a session with Fetish Palace Studios.

You can find out more about Fetish Palace studios on their website:


Perth, WA

The Perth Dungeon is one of Western Australia's top professional BDSM experience providers. The dungeon can be hired casually or for overnight experiences and players of any experience level are welcome to experiment with their kinky fantasies. The venue is home to 5 professional dominatrices and their skills, with the occasional inclusion of other trusted kinksters for sessions - such as sissies or slaves. The dungeon prides itself on providing the Perth community with a safe and discrimination free sex positive venue.

Visit The Perth Dungeon's website to find out more:

4. TEMPLE 22

Sydney, NSW

Image by Jon Ovington for Temple 22

Our final pick is once again from Sydney - Temple 22. The dungeon is spread over 3 floors and boasts that it is "Australia's most luxurious" and "features the largest selection of Professional Mistresses, Submissives and Masters in the Southern Hemisphere.” The Temple's website states that it is the only BDSM establishment in Australia to provide a fully equipped fantasy room, with it’s own bathroom and car space, that is available for those with disability.

Find out what else is on offer at Temple 22 by visiting their website:


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