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Demasque loves rubber! The way it looks and feels... and, of course, the way it shines! But being polished is not only a part of the beauty of wearing latex, it's also a part of the fun. This article is dedicated to our top five picks (in no particular order) for keeping your latex treasures lubed to perfection.



A staple in every rubber lover's kit. The classic VIVISHINE has a place in our hearts and starts off our list.

Born from a genuine adoration for everything latex, Vivishine's product range - which also includes the aptly named Viviclean and Vividress - might be the most extensive of them all.

The brand also offers the Viviwipe cloth for the perfect streak free polishing session as well as Fresh Up packs for when you need to touch up your shine on the go!


"The Clean And Care Experts"

With packaging just as slick as the formula, BeGloss joins our list as a top lube pick for latex lovers!

The BeGloss latex product range includes an ultimate high gloss polish, two options for cleaning, as welll as both a glide-on dressing aid and a powdered dressing aid.

BeGloss also offers clean and care products for both faux and genuine leather, PVC and vinyl.


Hailing from a company that's dedicated to personal lubricants comes another staple in our latex care kits - Pjur Cult. Offering both a dressing aid that doubles as a conditioner and a polish that gives an Ultra Shine, this range has become iconic amongst rubber lovers everywhere.

Non-sticky, long-lasting and stain resistant? What more could you ask for!


Skin Two Clothing re-launched in 2005 and, with it, it's premium all-in-one latex dressing aid and polish.

Claiming to be less sticky than other dual polishes on the market, this product will help you slide in, out, on and around all of the latex you can dream of.

"Latex care has never been so easy".


Formulated by Radical Rubber and promoted by Latex manufacturing titans Libidex, RadicalShine is another high quality rubber polish that we've chosen to be in our top five. RadicalShine both cleans and polishes and is available in two formulations. RadicalShine WHITE "is highly effective in removing talc and marks on latex and produces a wonderful, long-lasting shine", while the RadicalShine BLUE option seems to give a more intense clean and polished finish.


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