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The rush of endorphins experienced during play can cause intense emotions for both the bottom and top during a session. 'Subspace' and 'subdrop' are frequent topics of conversation, but what about 'top drop'?


Sometimes also called 'Dom drop', top drop can occur after a play session experience is particularly physically or emotionally exhausting for a Dominant or top. It is very similar to subdrop in that the way the rush of endorphins affects the top during play may cause a 'crash' of chemicals after the scene has ended. It is also experienced by each person individually and dependent on circumstance, just like subdrop.

Symptoms of top drop are also similar to subdrop and can occur immediately after play but can be delayed over hours or days. The intensity and responsibility that is taken as part of the top role during a scene can be immense and cause feelings of depression, guilt, or physical weakness in the top.

Top drop can be accompanied with a feeling of fatigue or being 'burnt out'. 'Dom burnout' describes the lack of desire to engage in play enthusiastically or general melancholia regarding play and may occur after particularly intense play sessions or prolonged periods of play.

It is important to recognise that tops may also experience drop and may require aftercare after a play session


As in aftercare for bottoms, communication is paramount in ensuring the top feels secure and comfortable after a session. The time after a scene has ended should be for discussion and deliberation on how the scene played out. On going communication in the days after play is common practice as aftercare.

Because a top is still required to provide aftercare for the bottom, as per standard practice, it is generally considered unwise for a top to play harder than their emotional or physical abilities at the time of the scene allows, lest top drop occur.

If experiencing 'Dom burnout' it is recommended that tops take a break from play until they feel their mindset regarding play improves.


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