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Demasque's ATOMICA Kink Party Announces Sexyland, Kre8tive Freedom And Latex 42 As Sponsors of Event

Demasque Magazine is set to host it's first ever massive kinky warehouse party in the form of ATOMICA on April 30th. The event is to be a party and play environment with DJs, performers, endless play spaces and - now - three new experiences that sponsors Sexyland, Kre8tive Freedom and Latex 42 have offered up to the line-up.

Being held at an exclusive secret warehouse location in North Melbourne, the event's major sponsors M&M Showroom and Playroom - who will be providing the play furniture for the event - are now to be joined by three new sponsors in the form of Australia's largest adult pleasure brand Sexyland, Melbourne creative studio Kre8tive Freedom and bespoke rubber garment designer Latex 42. To find out more, keep scrolling...


The minds behind the magic that is Kre8tive Freedom will be joining the Atomica experience line-up - setting up their own mini boudoir photoshoot area within the event space that will be open to all attendees to utilise and get their professional solo and group portraits taken throughout the night. Kre8tive Freedom is a photography studio in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs that features nine different sets for creatives to use to bring their wildest concepts to life.


For both the keen rubberists and the newbies dabbling in everyone's shiny material, bespoke latex designer Latex 42 will be hosting a Latex Polishing Station on the night. Attendees wearing rubber will be able to have their shine topped up throughout the evening at no cost at the Polishing Station, whilst those not wearing latex and who are curious about the feeling of the material may have the chance to try out polishing on the models at the stand. The Latex 42 Polishing Station will be utilising the locally made Lux Latex Care lubricant products and will also have products available for sale on the night.


Sexyland, Australia's leading adult pleasure retail store chain has provided the Atomica event with three $150 vouchers to give away as prizes for the Best Dressed on the night. The vouchers will be given in person to the winners and will be usable both online and in store. Sexyland has one of the widest adult pleasure product ranges in the world and also boasts a large number of retail stores across Melbourne and Darwin.




  • Saturday April 30th

  • 7PM - 1AM


  • Secret massive warehouse location in North Melbourne

  • Ticketholders will have the address emailed to them within 24 hours of the event


  • A kinky party and play event open to all genders and sexualities

  • 3 DJs, 5 performances and 10+ play spaces

  • Strict fetish dress code (be creative, be extravagant!)

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